25th Jul, 2015

WOW, here is Dai David's 'Spade work' featured on the front page of Fridays Western Mail arts section. They say:'Summer on canvas: Now is the best time to build up your art collection'...and how could we disagree? There are around 50 paintings in the exhibition which opens next Saturday. You can preview them on our website here:


24th Jul, 2015

This is 'Preseli sun', just one of a new collection of lovely small paintings that have just arrived from established Pembrokeshire artist Elizabeth Haines. You can view the others on our website here:


17th Jul, 2015

This is 'Spade work' by Dai David, just one of nearly 50 oil paintings that will be in his August exhibition which will be full of images of Tenby and people enjoying themselves on the beach in the Summer sun (wish you were here?) Yes, the sun is shining today. You can view most of the paintings on our website now: